COLLEGE TOPPERS : PCMC – Aparna .I Total – 514    |     PCMB - Josephine Sorona .P Total – 406    |     SEBA – Salma Suman .M .P Total - 533    |     HESPY - Amal Sultana Total - 508    |     HESP - Uvarni .K Total - 471 More+


The sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes envisions an integrated human formation for COMMUNION in the society. Their main aim in Education was to ensure the Christian formation of youth and to instruct the poor.

A Minority Institution established and administered by the society of St. Joseph of Tarbes Through the ages the Sisters persevered in their mission with faith in God, heroic courage and optimism even in moments of great difficulties, opposition and challenges. More+

NEWS & EVENTS Staff Christmas Celebrations

Christmas party for the staff was celebrated on 20th December 2014. In the Board Room, the St Joseph’s family gathered together to share the joy and happiness of the birth of Lord Jesus. A sumptuous lunch was served to all gifts were distributed to the members of St.Joseph’s family. More+

Christmas Celebration - 20th December 2014


Principal's Message

I am often reminded of the quote by Brigham Young “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation”. In fact at St. Joseph’s PU College we strongly believe that we will make a positive difference not only in the life of our students but in the community and society at large.

We want to make sure that everybody, regardless of Personal circumstances, can access the best possible learning opportunities and bring out their best in our institution. The critical ingredients that have been invested in all these years have been - tremendous hard work,patience,planning,organizing & co-ordinating.